Diezel is not just an amp -
it's THE amp!
- Many Maurer


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The Herbert’s three channels cover an impressive range of sounds. While some multi-channel amps favor higher-gain textures, the Herbert is remarkable in its ability to provide impressive clean tones as well. Channel 1 conveys clean with astounding headroom and punch, yet there’s always a sense of resiliency in the dynamic response that keeps the feel from becoming stiff or sterile.
Channel 2 is the versatility champ thanks to the additional range provided by its Gain-Boost switch. In low-gain mode, it can cover tweed-like grind, Brit-flavored crunch, and even totally nail the Van Halen “brown” sound. Activate the Gain-Boost and there’s enough rage for old-school metal or shred solos. Channel 3 delivers the extreme gain demanded by today’s nu-metal players, while the Mid Cut control lets you dial-in the perfect amount of scoop. And, thanks to the Mid Cut’s programmability, you can preset it for wicked rhythm chunk, and then bypass the scoop for more forceful solos.

The highest-gain tones reveal the true value of the Herbert’s extra horsepower. Yes, six output tubes can produce authoritative tones at frighteningly loud levels, but the real benefit here is enhanced low-end control. There’s simply no substitute for raw power when you’re talking about low-end slam.

Paving the way for a new breed of 21st-century super amps, the Herbert boldly ventures into uncharted territory with a spectrum of sounds that leaves little to be desired. This German tone machine would rule on the basis of its second channel alone, and when you consider its plethora of hip features, and its ability to sound impressive even at low volumes, it’s clear that the Herbert has few rivals.

For those who seek a truly über high-gain tube amp, and have the bank to afford it, there’s no substitute for the Herbert.

Overall Impression: This amp (VH4-s)is it for me. I love it so much, and with the EL34's in it it has that grind that a Marshall lover like me wants, plus a totally different tone than anything else out there. Pretty much anything that I want is right there at my fingertips. I've been playing for seven years and I own a lot of other gear (check out my Zvex reviews). If it were stolen I couldn't afford another. If you get the chance to play one, try it and give it more than 20 minutes. I'm pretty sure that you'll like it.

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